The kind of mattress you want and your financial constraints are two of the most significant factors to consider while shopping for a good mattress for less than $500. Having said that, you also need to consider the other considerations we will go over below.

Sleep Trial Period

The vast majority of mattresses offered online now include what is known as a “sleep trial.” This gives buyers a certain amount of time to sleep on the new mattress and the option to send it back if it does not meet their needs. This allows you to try out the boxed mattress for several weeks or months (often even up to a year) before deciding whether or not it meets your tastes and how you sleep.

Warranty on the Mattress

A mattress guarantee will cover any physical faults in the mattress, such as sagging, broken coils, coils that pop out of the side of the mattress, foams on top of the mattress bunching up, and more. Some of the mattresses we’ve listed come with a 10-year warranty, but we suggest reading the small language to confirm that the warranties cover anything serious—some of the mattresses we’ve listed come with a 10-year guarantee.

Policies Regarding Shipping and Returns

When buying a bed-in-a-box mattress online, you may often get free delivery. This has developed into the industry norm for most mattress manufacturers and third-party mattress merchants, and this requirement continues to apply to products priced at less than $500. Your location will determine whether or not you have access to free delivery.

Promotional Efforts and Price Cuts

Even if the mattress you’re planning to buy isn’t going to be the most costly piece of furniture you possess, it’s still an investment that may cost you several hundred dollars. There is no “optimal time” to purchase a mattress; nevertheless, taking advantage of well-known shopping and sales seasons might help you save money.


Regardless of the design, durability is one of the qualities of a mattress that we believe is important to seek. Measuring how “wonderful” a mattress feels objective is impossible, but it may be tested on how well it holds up over time. A mattress’s durability depends on many factors, including its construction, the quality of its components, and how well it is maintained.

Temperature Neither Hot Nor Cold

If you or your spouse tend to sleep with a lot of heat, it is in your best interest to look into mattresses designed with materials and constructions that allow for more airflow. For instance, the majority of mattresses that are made entirely of foam tend to retain heat. Still, some manufacturers may inject the top layer with temperature-neutral materials like gel or copper.


The structure of a mattress may significantly impact how it feels, which we emphasise quite a bit here at Mattress Nerd. There is a lot of variety in the mattress market, and companies compete to provide the most original mattresses.

Support for the Edge

When talking about mattresses, “edge support” refers to how well the mattress can keep its form even when pressure is applied to the perimeter of the mattress. If you have problems getting in and out of bed regularly, this is a key aspect since sagging edges may make these tasks far more challenging.